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3 Powerful Reasons To Change The Quality Of Women You Date

In the dating world, the emotional spikes you get when you achieve a feat, no matter how big or small, matters a lot. Do you remember how you felt the last time you approached a beautiful girl, and got her number? Or the last time you approached and had fun with a girl completely out of your league? You felt euphoric and accomplished. The converse is also true. You feel bad after every rejection. Changing the quality of women you date has a direct positive effect on your self esteem, your self image, and your reputation – how women see you.

1. It Boosts Your Self-Esteem.

Approaching or dating a girl completely out of your league gives your ego the necessary spikes for a positive feeling. You know that feeling of accomplishment that takes over your mind when you suddenly realize a beautiful diva, utterly way out of your league, is yours. It’s a rare feeling. More success comes when you approach other girls in this state of euphoria. Your chances of success is heightened. It’s like trying to make more money when you already possess enough money. However, if you wait until you are broke – until you are emotionally bankrupt – .your chances of success not only wanes, it becomes unpredictable.

2. It Boosts Your Social Image.

Ever wonder why most women seem to love or have a craving for guys they see with different women? Or why they seem to like a guy other women want? The answer is not far-fetched. It simply boils down to an innate Pavlovian response, which most women exhibit when they meet a man with a beautiful woman by his side. Most women want what other women crave. A change in the quality of girls you date, not only boosts your social image, it also widens your social circle – an extensive social circle is necessary for meeting and interacting with random women

3. It Makes Women See You Differently.

Do you know that some women won’t even consider dating you, or giving you a fraction of their time, just because they haven’t seen you with a beautiful hottie before? You have been trying to approach her, but she keeps snubbing you. No matter what you do she never listens to you. Then suddenly, you changed your display photo on whatsapp, facebook e.t.c, to a selfie of you and a beautiful girl, enjoying a date – and out of no where, she pinged you: ” who is the girl on your dp? Or she sees you in the streets, frolicking with a random cutie, and she completely ignores you. However, the next time you approach her, she acts friendly. When you change the quality of women you are rolling with, other women cant help seeing you differently.

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