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5 Reasons Why Some Nigerians Don’t Vote

We are in a political period again! As usual, we tend to heard different stories and scandals. For certain reasons, some Nigerians have decided not to vote again. In fact, these people only register for their Permanent Voters Card to have a means of identification not voting purpose.

In this article, 24hoursreporter has come up with the top 5 reasons why some Nigerians don’t vote. The reasons stated here were arrived at after a survey of voters in different regions across the country.

Top 5 Reasons Why Some Nigerians Don’t Vote

#1. When Both Candidates Are Terrible

When both candidates are terrible, most voters may end up not voting any of them. They believe that it is better they don’t vote any candidate than voting for the available ones on ground, especially when they have bad records in the past.

#2. They Believe That The Election Will Always Be Rigged

One of the reasons why some Nigerians don’t vote is their belief that the election will always be rigged. Many Nigerians out there believe that their votes may not really count as the election will always be rigged by the highest bidder.

Well, this is not always true as voters votes still count. The fact that you refuse to vote for this flimsy reason may pave way for an undeserving candidate to rule you.

#3. When Their Candidates Of Choice Wasn’t Nominated

Sometimes, the result of parties primaries can make people be politically apathetic especially when their candidates of choice weren’t nominated. You must agree with me that voting in Nigeria is really very stressful especially if you are in a populated environment.

So, some people may not want to undergo the rigorous process of accreditation and voting, especially when the candidate they love so much was denied party ticket.

#4. The Fear of Violence

The fear of violence is among the reasons why some Nigerians don’t vote. Ordinarily, there are people who would have loved to vote, but the fear of violence in polling units prevent them from going out to cast their votes.

There are instances were Youth corpers and other innocent citizens are killed during elections. You see, somebody whose close friend or relative is killed in an election violence will definitely not smell a polling unit. Those who have been there before can relate.

#5. The Country Is Screwed My Vote Will Not Fix it

This is also one of the reasons why some Nigerians don’t vote. They believe that from time immemorial leaders have always been self-centered.

From unemployment, hardship, some state not paying workers and many more, they always blame these situations on leaders in the past. For this reason, they have decided not to vote again as politicians will always disappoint.

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