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Why Heavy Gaming Is Bad For Your Smartphone

I know this question must have popped up many times in your mind, which is why I want to address this issue.
There are lots and lots of interesting games out there such as Need for speed, Injustice, God of war, Warcraft, Assassins creed, etc. The games are just too many and most of the interesting ones are very heavy (up to 1.5GB or more) and very graphic intensive. These games are very addictive and you may be tempted to play it for hours without knowing the effect it has on your precious smartphones.. These are some of the reasons why too much gaming is not really good for your smartphone.

1. Overheating and stress

Overheating is the NUMBER ONE ENEMY of every smartphone. When you start playing a heavy game on your smartphone it causes the phone to become very hot especially when the game is played for up to 30 mins. This is exclusive to all smartphone not just Infinix products. Heating of the phone is due to the intensive work being done by the processor. Overheating is the phone especially the battery. I also want to advice that charging the phone while playing games with it is also not good.

2. Battery

Lithium based batteries, which most batteries are built upon, reduces life span whenever it gets hot. Just because you phone is loaded with large 4000mAh or 5000mAH doesn’t mean it is built for playing heavy games. The battery size is mainly to carry you for longer hours without needing to charge again. Heavy gaming drains battery fast making you to charge your phone over and over again. This can fry your battery and reduce the lifespan of the battery. Nowadays most phones come with non-removable batteries so how do you intend to change it when it becomes dead ?

My advice

I’m not saying do not play games with your phones, I even play with my phone but don’t play for hours non-stop until the phone becomes very hot and starts lagging, CAPITAL NO. It’s not good at all. Another thing is don’t charge your phone while playing games at the same time, allow the phone to be fully charged before playing your games and allow the battery to go down before charging. Also do not charge overnight. It saves your phone in many ways .

Written By TechCapon

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